Friday, 29 March 2013

Muddy Waters: live

This is a great clip of Muddy Waters (and his band) playing the song 'Long Distance Call' live. From what I can gather, it was at the 1968 Copenhagen Jazz Festival. I could be wrong about that, but the info that was provided about this footage seems to 'check out' fine.

Anyway, I love this song; and I love this particular version of the song! So I think one could easily call this a 'win-win situation' for me, haha!

Muddy's band cooks here. I love the Guild guitar that Muddy is playing! Otis Spann is even sitting at the piano in Muddy's band, at this point in time, which is a cool, rare treat in itself! Most footage of Muddy's gigs with a full band comes from after Spann died.

The original version of 'Long Distance Call' was written by Muddy, and released by Chess in 1951.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know.

-- Mitch

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Hello. It's me, once again! And Little Walter

Hi, everybody! It's me, Mitch.

Yep, that MitchThe Mitch, hahaha! Just kidding. ;)

So, I'm back again! With a renewed and re-discovered desire to write about music, the arts, culture, and life. Still playing blues harp, too.

The year of 2012 wasn't a great year for me, in terms of my health. It's nice to leave it behind!

It's been an exceedingly long time between 'drinks' (or posts), in terms of my blogging activity. I'm not even certain how long it has been between my blog posts. Doesn't matter now.

But I couldn't let this blog die, nor would I want it to go silent for good! I enjoy writing about music, and the arts, far too much for that to happen. I enjoy the research that I do about music, and the process of discovery. I love finding and hearing new artists! It's just fun for me to discover the music and also, the history that's attached to music!

There's been loads of interesting music in my consciousness, since I last blogged. Lots that's worth talking about here! Let's get started, brothers and sisters!

I wanted to talk about this CD box set... that comes to us from 
The Great Little Walter! 
(AKA Marion Walter Jacobs)

It's a great CD set, from the blues harp master -- and generally wonderful musician -- Marion Walter Jacobs, AKA 'Little' Walter. (1930-1968) The box set's called 'The Complete Chess Masters: 1950-1967'. If you're into blues harp, or blues music generally (and both of those things are true of me), then get this set. The music here is spread over five discs, and it's all great!

Jacobs is often compared to Charlie Parker, or Jimi Hendrix; and it's justified! He was simply that good! He changed the landscape of blues music and blues harmonica with his virtuosity, use of amplification/distortion, and jazzy phrasing. Walter recorded as a sideman (w/ Muddy Waters, Jimmy Rogers, Otis Rush) and also as a bandleader/solo artist.

It's difficult to overstate his musical impact. He had a sophisticated, imaginative approach to his music, and Walter often treated his harp like a sax. Mind blowing music!