Monday, 30 March 2009

Cross-promotion: new blog!

I'm letting everyone know that I've started to write a new blog. It's about my life; and interests other than music. Since I decided to focus on music here, the posts about politics and whatever else don't seem to fit.

I've named it 'All or Nothing', because it's about life; which is all about little things and big things.

I hope those who read this will come to see my new 'work'! And, of course, stay right here for more music.

Link: click here

Pass it on!

Monday, 23 March 2009

Calling in -- mini playlist

Hi, everyone.

Just calling in -- I don't have much strength in me. I'm feeling pretty sore and tired. I like John Coltrane's 'My Favourite Things' album, right now. I'm also playing Lead Belly, Peg Leg Sam and Louis Armstrong.

Check out this post, right here:


I started it in February, which explains the older date stamp. I know it has taken me a while to post it. The next edition of 'Mitch's Playlist' is coming! I'll get some strength back, soon. I guess this was a mini-playlist, of sorts.

I've pulled out my harmonica, too. Pretty tired now.


Monday, 16 March 2009


I must say, this is a cool find! Most of the time, I don't bother with radio; even of the independent, non-commercial variety. There's so much I dislike about the business of being 'spoon-fed' music! I am happy with an ever-growing CD collection.

But Internet radio may change all that...

'AccuRadio' seems promising, now that I've heard the jazz section. Link: AccuRadio - The Next Generation of Radio

They seem to cover many genres of music, which is always a plus. It's free to listen to.

Thanks to Fitz, who is the author of the blues blog SqueezeMyLemon, for having the link in his StumbleUpon archives.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Back in business: with Muddy!

It is my first music-related post in a while. And I had hoped to deliver something special to my readers!

I think I have found a gem.

The late, great Muddy Waters is interviewed here in 1972 , on the television program 'The Old Grey Whistle Test'. I found it really interesting to hear about Waters' reasons for moving from Mississippi to Chicago. (Many black musicians of this era made similar choices to move to urban areas, like Chicago. As the musicians adapted to new environments, so did the music. Chicago then became the birthplace of urban or electric blues.)

Also, it was fascinating to hear about the reasoning behind the switch from using acoustic instruments, to playing with electric instruments. These are all points of real social interest, for me!

We also get insight into what Muddy believes the future of the blues would be (as it stood then). This is gold!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Stay tuned, folks!

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. After a prolonged stay in hospital, I am back home! Unfortunately, I never know how long these 'medical excursions' will take, or how long it will be before I'm back to my former strength. I was fairly unwell. So, you may need to allow me the occasional, unexplained, absence.

This note is just to say that I have several posts in the works... watch this space! There's always fresh music (and life) to talk about. It will just take time.

Be well.