Friday, 26 June 2009

Michael Jackson Has Died

I thought I would blog this news, as it breaks. Michael Jackson, pop music icon, has died. He was fifty years old.

An American news article about Jackson's death: Pop Star Michael Jackson Has Died At UCLA Medical Center After Cardiac Arrest - It's been all over TV and The Internet.

It's just sad. I have my own cool memories of listening to MJ's music, when I was a little bit younger. I was a huge fan, in my early school years! Albums like Dangerous, Bad, and Thriller are well-loved classics, which continue to sell in huge numbers. The concert tours were epic, and his music videos were trail-blazing.

Jackson made a huge impact on music and pop culture. If you know anything about the popular music (or popular culture) of the last few decades -- you'll know of Michael Jackson.

There are lots of other things one could say about Michael Jackson... but you can make up your own mind!


Eduardo Silva Alvarado said...

hi mitch, my name is eduardo i´m from guatemala i don´t know i you have heard of this country, i´m writting cause i saw a video comment that you made in the video "where science meets budims" any way i just wanna say hi...
this is my new blog it´s in spanish, any way
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Mitch said...

Thanks for saying hello, friend.