Saturday, 10 October 2009

Thanks to R.L!

I don't know what to say, after feeling unwell for so long. I haven't really felt like blogging.

I'm happy to be writing again, now! It can be frustrating to get back into the swing of blogging regularly -- but I have some music that I'm excited about.

To kick off this entry, I'm listening to 'First Recordings', recorded by the late bluesman R.L. Burnside in 1968. This disc of acoustic blues tunes, was recommended to me. Burnside has a very expressive voice -- ranging from a high wail, to a low, menacing growl. It's spine-chilling!

It's very raw, personal music. Sometimes frighteningly intense, but always amazing to hear! I think that R.L. must have dug really deep into himself, to produce these songs. This is about as genuine as music can be!


Fitzgerald said...

Hey Mitch, good to see you online my friend. RL was the man!

George said...

There are some video (originally film)clips floating around of R.L.'s 1968 sessions with George Mitchell. If memory serves, they were done at Burnside's house!

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