Wednesday, 29 May 2013

More rock: The New Barbarians. It's Faces + The Stones


To follow up on my previous post about rock music -- here's a cool song, that's taken from a live performance in 1974. I really like this one, I must say; and it features some blokes (A.K.A guys) whom you might recognise... haha!

For those who remember my previous post, I wrote that I'm listening to both Faces and The Stones a lot, lately! And I'm getting pretty deep into Faces' music, which I hadn't really done, before. (Not deep enough, anyway.) And by the way, I've read that the band's name is actually 'Faces' and not 'The Faces'... but I'm not sure which one's right, anymore!

Playing on this track is Ronnie Wood, Keith 'Keef' Richards, and Rod Stewart... for a start. The band is called The New Barbarians. I don't think these guys recorded much (apart from officially recording their live shows), so it's cool to have this!

This nice 'country-ish' rock ballad is called 'Mystifies Me'. Love the guitar interplay between Ronnie and Keith! Cool vocal harmonies, and back-and-forth, between Ron and Rod, too.

I want to be clear, and say that I bought two versions of it from iTunes. Look under the song title, or for 'The New Barbarians'. It's worth it. The whole album's good! I think at least 2 N.B. shows are available.

I don't wish to rip anybody off. And honestly, when it's as good as this, wanted to own it properly. YouTube (and the rest of The Web) is great for finding something cool for the first time; then using it as a springboard, to take it further, and buy it. Or tell your friends.

Anyway, other versions of this song were also recorded; including from other Barbarians shows, and a Ronnie Wood solo album.

I mean here, we have members of The Stones, and Faces... just having a good time with the music, and playin' together -- and that's special!

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