Monday, 30 June 2008

The age of the Internet

 There are many people who have criticised the Internet, and its worth, very harshly. They say that it will draw you will way from other people, and put it within reach of perverts  and social malcontents. I am sure that is true. Yes, there is pornography, and a lot of undesirable material -- but it can be avoided!

However, there are people, for whom that kind of thing is not an issue. The Internet is responsible, in no small measure, for saving my sanity during his illness. I have been able to keep in touch with people, express myself creatively, and have fun. It has been an outlet in, and the means for discovering things, which I never thought possible. YouTube is a good example of that. Now, blogging has become possible, too. It is very achievable, to explain one's horizons, without ever leaving the house.  Amazing people are just a click away.

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