Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Bible and blues

I have to say, I love the MacBook Pro experience, so far! I have never owned any kind of Mac, before.  It has wonderful learning experience.

I get pretty depressed, sometimes (and I don't mean in it in the colloquial sense). Although I have my family around me, I am not always up to seeing people, that can be difficult. It is contradictory, really; I am lonely, but I don't all ways want company. Sometimes, the company can be hard work. It can be rewarding, too.

The constant cycle of new drugs, seems to leave me in somewhat of a  daze.    So, what am I getting at? There are some fairly major and complicated things going on in my life. I no longer have control of my bowels, and my digestive system has stopped working. But, it's necessary to find something in any situation, that makes one's life worth living.

In other words, something that makes you happy. I have found many things that bring about joy in my life. Usually, people say they have found religion -- I would say that religion found me. I bought an unabridged version of the King James Bible on audio CD. I had just decided that it was something I would like to read. It turned out to be a life-changing experience. Not long after I became ill, I began my journey towards becoming a Christian. I did not know that was where it would end up, but that's the point. It has taken many more than two years for me to fully accept, to know, God's word. I quickly came to love the four Gospels; along with many other books of the Bible.

I also learnt to play the harmonica (started to learn, at least). That has been great fun. I love the blues!

There have been many other things, which I will talk about later.

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