Thursday, 24 July 2008

Plato, and his cave

Yesterday, I decided to look at Plato on iTunes. Admittedly, I didn't expect to find much. Instead, I found many of Plato's works; in their entirety.

I settled on The Allegory of the Cave, from The Republic. The piece, itself, is quite brief but powerful. It only takes up about nine pages of The Republic; however, those nine pages or so, deal with the very nature of reality and how we perceive it. What do we find to be real, and how do we express the findings? Are we too comfortable, within our own, little shell. Perhaps we are too content, to accept the shadows we see on the metaphorical cave wall -- rather than seeking the objects, themselves.

If we were to see life, as it really is, would that revelation be painful? This is where a lot of the philosophy from the trilogy of Matrix Movies comes from. I have not done the theory justice here. I cannot convey the enormity and the brilliance of Plato's thinking. I simply implore you to read Plato for yourselves. It changed my life, and will continue to stimulate my thoughts.

My video about it:

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