Tuesday, 21 October 2008

All music is current and important

For most of my life, the music that I listen to has been consigned to the 'classic rock' or, 'oldies' sections. For some reason, others seem to find this amusing. I have been told, for most of my life, that I like 'old' music. The posters in my room -- depicting Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, and The Doors -- suggest to others that it is impossible for me to move beyond 1975.

It has always annoyed me greatly, although I am aware that it should not. Many people have no idea how to relate to my musical tastes. I don't believe that there is any relationship between the music's age, and its validity. Music that is older, seems also to be less relevant, in the eyes of many others. With the exception of, perhaps, classical music -- other music that is older, is viewed as an antiquated novelty. What's more, it loses its cultural and social significance. That is, in itself, a great loss.

Now, it is most important of all to be contemporary; to have one's finger on the pulse. Much of what is popular, musically, has no soul, or social conscience. We are losing much, in the act of discarding music that is older. In fact, I have done everything possible to move against the grain. I like to find music that was made because something needed to be said. Maybe, it was made just because it could be made!

I know that labels and categories, in record stores, exist so that albums can be sold. Sometimes,
Though, those labels can imply other things. That less importance is given to the music in that category, for example; that it is no longer relevant or current... and so on.

Next time, find the music which has been discarded, forgotten, or ridiculed -- it may surprise you.

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JD from Hoeno said...

I agree in that good music doesn't grow old. I listen to new music too, though. But, I'm just as likely to listen to Little Walter or Elmore James as I am anything by a new act. If the ''latest thing'' is all that matters to someone, they probably don't deserve to hear Elmore James, anyway! lol