Monday, 16 March 2009


I must say, this is a cool find! Most of the time, I don't bother with radio; even of the independent, non-commercial variety. There's so much I dislike about the business of being 'spoon-fed' music! I am happy with an ever-growing CD collection.

But Internet radio may change all that...

'AccuRadio' seems promising, now that I've heard the jazz section. Link: AccuRadio - The Next Generation of Radio

They seem to cover many genres of music, which is always a plus. It's free to listen to.

Thanks to Fitz, who is the author of the blues blog SqueezeMyLemon, for having the link in his StumbleUpon archives.


Fitzgerald said...

Thanks for the shout out my friend. Glad to see you posting, I pray that you and yours are doing well.

Chris Dixon said...

Gday Mitch, I agree normal radio has become a joke. Good music is so very hard to come by these days and we don't need any good songs being played amongst all the crud on radio. You into the jazz again my friend?