Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Jill Bolte Taylor's powerful stroke of insight

Jill Bolte Taylor's powerful stroke of insight | Video on TED.com

As somebody else said, this is an idea worth spreading. I saw this a while ago, and I've been meaning to talk about it.

I see this as a really incredible opportunity to discuss how the human animal perceives its own consciousness. I like the fact that these lectures have been made public; because they are really interesting food for thought. My illness has allowed me to experience different states of consciousness, even though it is completely involuntary. I have had many out-of-body experiences; and it has led me to question the nature of consciousness and reality. Perhaps, our brain is able to mediate between several different states of reality, or states of consciousness. Maybe it is the ability to combine those experiences, into something that makes sense, that allows us to function properly within our environment.

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