Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Richard Wright: 1943 - 2008

What you read in this link, is one of the official articles about Rick's death. It's more than likely, that other Pink Floyd fans have already heard the news. However, I only found out today. Of course, it came as a shock; especially as I did not know that Rick had been suffering from a serious illness. This is very sad news for me; I have been following the band, since I was quite young.

For those who don't know, Richard was a gifted keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist -- and a founding member of the world-famous rock band, Pink Floyd. Much like many other people, I first came across the band, through the album Dark Side of the Moon. It was a part of my Dad's record collection. Little did I know that the LP would change my life.

With albums such as Dark Side of the Moon, I began to realise that music can be very deep. It did not necessarily need to be a passive experience -- something that was enjoyable, but ultimately inconsequential. This was not the case with Pink Floyd, however. Their music was always interesting, because it spoke to my mind, as well as my heart. It was a life-changing album for me.

The structure of the music, as well as the lyrics, was intellectually challenging. Rick 's musicianship and lyrical contributions were immensely important; but they were often forgotten by fans and journalists. Perhaps it's because he never sought the limelight much, I don't know. Anyhow, during his time with Pink Floyd, and when he was working on a solo career, the music was always great.

So many examples of Rick Wright's music are coming to mind. Obviously most people will think of Dark Side Of the Moon, when they hear Floyd; but there were so many other musical high points. This is taking a while to write, because I have so much I wanted to say. It may even be necessary to write another post!

From my perspective, I feel this loss deeply; even though we had never met. You will be missed, Richard.

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