Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Waking Life: review

Yesterday, I was able to see (or maybe to participate in, is a more accurate way to describe it -- I don't feel as though it was an entirely passive experience) the film 'Waking Life'.

The film 'Waking Life'. It is directed by Richard Linklater. I am not sure if the fallibility of human words will be enough to describe the powerful nature of this experience. I shall try.

It deals with many different concepts, points of view, and schools of philosophical thought. Sometimes, the ideas are quite complex -- but they are always presented in an interesting way. It is quite artful and captivating.

From my perspective, the film deals with the many ways in which human beings must be awakened, every so often. Far too frequently, will find that we have been asleep, all this time.

'Waking Life' deals with the nature of reality, consciousness, dreaming, existentialism and enlightenment. It is quite incredible.

I will attach some links, that deal with the ideas in the movie; when I can get the Link function to work.

I'll also buy the DVD.

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