Saturday, 15 November 2008

Drummer Mitch Mitchell found dead

Hendrix drummer Mitch Mitchell found dead -

It is my sad duty to report the news that John 'Mitch' Mitchell, the pioneering drummer for The Jimi Hendrix Experience, has passed away. As the name of the group suggests, The Experience was a huge part of Hendrix's initial explosion onto the music scene. He was also a child-actor.

Some have suggested that the musicians with whom Hendrix surrounded himself provided only a backdrop for his musical creativity, that is a dubious statement to make. Jimi had an ability to surround himself with fantastic musicians. Mitch was no exception! He was jazz-influenced drummer, inspired by Elvin Jones with an aggressive, poly-rhythmic style. they think I am correct in saying, that Mitch played with Hendrix more consistently than any other musician. from the formation of the Experience in 1966, until the original lineup parted company in 1969; then, with the reformation of The Experience (with bassist Billy Cox) in 1970.

Of course, Hendrix died in September of 1970. You may notice that I speak about Hendrix's career, and those around him, with relative ease. I write about this because I want to.

Mitch played in an extended lineup with Hendrix, at the Woodstock festival. He had a really intense approach to his instrument and contributed a jazz flavour to the music of Hendrix, and others.

Following Hendrix's death, Mitch has been keeping a much lower profile. Although, he has worked with numerous other musicians, after 1970. Mitchell sometimes worked in production capacity, as well. He had done much to keep the legacy of his friend, Jimi, alive. He participated in many tours, along with other musicians who had worked with Hendrix, during his lifetime. In fact, that's what he had been doing, around the time of his death. He was found dead in his hotel room, at the age of 62.

Mitchell was the last surviving member of the original Jimi Hendrix Experience; bassist Noel Redding died in 2003. The second lineup is sometimes referred to as the 'Cry of Love' band.

There is much that could be said about Mitch, and his contribution to music... but the music speaks for itself. You will be sorely missed, Mitch!

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