Sunday, 16 November 2008

Some reasons to love Mitch Mitchell

I have been thinking about this, since yesterday's post. Invariably, he will be billed as 'Hendrix's drummer'. Many other articles that covered the story, speak about Mitch, as though he were only some kind of skilled side man. Although playing with Jimi Hendrix is an incredible accomplishment, I think it is only fair to consider Mitchell as a talent on his own terms.

Here are some reasons, to love John 'Mitch' Mitchell:
  • His apparent ability to hit everything on his drum kit -- at once; whilst being soulful.
  • He played Woodstock.
  • His commitment to keeping Hendrix's legacy alive.
  • The drum part on 'Manic Depression'.
  • He played on each of Jimi's studio albums.
  • For being considered as a potential member of The Who (before Moon).
  • For never trying to exploit his resume.
  • His drumming (in general)!
  • For using my given name!
If you think of more, always comment!

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